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The Beautiful Game

Updated: Feb 29

You will be forgiven for reading the title of this piece and feeling confused. Don’t worry, as I approach 54, I have not had “a road to Damascus” conversion to football. Whilst I have many, many faults, a lack of consistency isn’t one of them. 


My views, habits, opinions and dress sense rarely change. And in an inconsistent, topsy-turvy world, I don’t think that’s a bad thing (though you may disagree). One of those consistent traits is checking out new music and evangelising about the latest band, singer or song.


Through my review of The Clockworks, I have been introduced to a North London band called The Beautiful Game. They describe themselves as:


“Keeping that old school Brit indie flame alive most passionately. Channelling The Stone Roses, Libertines, Oasis and The Jam with their very own cheeky panache. Brit pop with teeth and a score to settle.”


I have been playing them a lot (in between my current re-interest in the Modfather, Mr Weller). They fit in between his later solo rollickers very nicely. 


The five-piece blast along, with life celebrating lyrics and terrace worthy choruses. “A drink, a kiss, we laugh and cry” cries Forever In July, and I can hear a crowd bellowing along in some tiny venue.


Their standout is In Clifton Alone. Its stuttering, urgent riff transports me back to The Cavern in the 90s, moshing along to some up and coming Britpop group. Its reflections of life ring true, and it’s catchy as fuck. But it’s not just laddish anthems, the songs have light and shade, subtlety as well as sledgehammers. Broken Son even has the feel of Morrissey's Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? - no small praise.


I’ve not seen them yet but will definitely check them out. They are playing the Dublin Castle on Friday 5th April - sadly, me and Mrs JO’B will be in Leeds, seeing Johnny Marr and Gaz Coombes. Ok, I say sadly, but let’s be honest, that will be AWESOME. But I suspect both are influences on The Beautiful Game, so they will appreciate that!


If you fancy going, you can get tickets (and a 15% discount) here. And here is the little playlist I have been soundtracking my commute to - give them a spin! They are still wrong is nonsense!

Stay safe, and if you enjoyed this, please subscribe (see link below), x

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