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Got to have a JO'B...

...if you want to be with me

JO'B, a frustrated music journalist/tour manager/insert any music industry job that doesn't involve playing or singing, has been writing reviews and pieces for his own amusement, occasionally posting them on Facebook.  

He has now decided to start a blog, at the suggestion of friends, while we wait for live music to return. It's a mix of blogs, reviews, lists and monthly playlists.

Lives in Blackheath (post code SE3). Site name and logo are inspired by AC/DC - whatever music you like, EVERYONE likes AC/DC...

All pictures are taken by JO'B unless indicated - if I have infringed any copyright etc, I assure you it's unintentional and this site generates precisely zero revenue. Message me if there are any issues, and they will be corrected asap.

Finally, when did JO'B start referring to himself in the third person? Oh dear.

About: About

Me, me, me...

JO'B = sweary, pseudo ginger, red wine enthusiast and music obsessive. Early fifties and married. Very happily. Spoilt only child (though not Victorian - if you like The Fall, you'll get that).

Goes to gigs (a lot of gigs). Buys vinyl (a lot of vinyl). 

Likes using brackets (too much, you may feel).

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