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Book of Brilliant Things - Five things we’ve loved this week - 5th December

This week's Brilliant Things includes Blondie, Phil Lynott, Bobby Gillespie, Gig Buddies and exceeding 15,000 reads!

1. Blondie

I have finally got round to buying Parallel Lines by Blondie. I've always known it was brilliant, and had the greatest hits. But for some reason I just didn't get round to buying this classic. So when a copy turned up at the marvellous Casbah Records in Greenwich, I snapped it up.

Hanging On The Telephone, One Way Or Another, Picture This, Sunday Girl, Heart of Glass - it's the definition of all killer, no filler. Second hand and in fantastic condition, this will get some wear and tear over Xmas!

2. Phil Lynott - Songs For While I'm Away documentary

Currently on BBC iPlayer right now, this is a wonderful documentary, tracing the life of Phil Lynott, lead singer of the legendary Irish rock group Thin Lizzy, multi-award-winning documentarian Emer Reynolds. Songs For While I'm Away reveals how a young Black boy from working-class 1950s Dublin became Ireland's greatest rock star and created some of the world's most iconic and extraordinary rock songs. A songwriter, poet and icon, Lynott's rise from humble beginnings to sold-out stadiums was spectacular and unprecedented. Well worth a watch and it's very touching at the end as everyone interviewed is crying remembering when he died. I was quite choked too.

3. Gig buddies

There is a fabulous new scheme in Bristol - Gig Buddies - which matches adults with learning disabilities and/or autism with a volunteer to attend events. Fantastic work.

4. Bobby Gillespie - Tenement Kid

My xmas reading is sorted, as Mrs JO'B picked up this cracking book for me. Apparently, it's wildly over the top, but what do you expect from someone who has taken as many drugs as Bobby? Whatever it will be, this will not be a boring book. Can't wait!

5. 15,000 reads!

Back In Black(heath) has had 12,178 site visits, of which 8,414 are from the UK, but the remaining 3,764 are from all over the world, including China, Kuwait, Reunion Island, South Korea and Azerbaijan. Wowser.

The blogs themselves have had 15,192 reads as of today. Not bad for a little hobby to help me get past a period of anxiety and depression. Who knew anyone would be interested in the ramblings of a music obsessed, early fifties Fred Perry wearing south east Londoner, but the world is a strange place.

See you next week, stay safe, x

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