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Songs we think of at Xmas…

My music buddy Neil asked members of his Facebook group to write about a song that relates to Xmas so I wrote this.

The song I chose was You’re My Best Friend by Don Williams. Now, let’s be clear, this is not my musical taste at all. But my mum and dad loved it.

I had to endure cassettes of Don Williams being played all through my childhood and frankly thought it was terrible. I would cover my ears and hide behind the sofa. But he was one of their favourites.

In 1998, my folks had moved back to Sligo and I had bought a place in Blackheath. They came over to see me and I got them tickets to see Don at the London Palladium. They were delighted and I bought them dinner in town beforehand and then walked them to the venue. My mum was a little surprised that I wasn’t going into the show with them. But I gave them cash to grab a taxi back to their hotel and in they trundled. I doubt they had been to a proper concert like this ever and they thoroughly loved it.

I met them the next morning and was regaled by stories of Don and his wonderful tunes. I was glad they loved it, but even gladder at the time I didn’t go.

Fast forward to Xmas 2013 and my mum was on her last legs. She had been told she would not survive the complications of her scleroderma in December 2010. But she made it another three years, fighting all the way. But now there was nothing left they could do.

She couldn’t speak in the last few days but was conscious and my dad would sing You’re My Best Friend to her, and her face would light up.

Mum died just before Xmas that year, and at Xmas, I think of her and the old man lots. He passed on in November 2018. This song is one of those things that conjures up lots of happy memories of them both. And I regret not going to the show with them, just to see them enjoy it so much.

That said, I still think it’s awful, but it means lots to me.

Merry Xmas and hope you are having happy memories of those no longer with you too. Stay safe, x

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