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Ian Dury & The Blockheads - New Boots And Panties!!

Ian Dury, pissed like a brewery

Sadly dead, still a blockhead

Iconoclast, always a blast

Underdog with monologues

Ragged suits and new boots

Never saw his panties, but he upped the ante

Kilburn and The High Roads - what a bunch

On stage he was brooding, out to lunch

He was a gift for womankind

Disability is a state of mind

Loved his brandy, made him randy

Loved his sex, well he was from Essex

Never showed too much sentiment

Gave Gene Vincent acknowledgement

Multi-talented, writer, actor

As is his son, the dashing Baxter

Definitely clever and not thick

Arseholes, bastards, fucking c***s and pricks

Definitely not patriarchal,

To your Abracadabra he was partial

He looked sharp on stage in a bowler

The sex and drugs and rock and roller

Reasons to love Ian Dury, parts 1, 2, 3’d

New Boots And Panties!! is very good indeed


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