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Django Django - Glowing In The Dark

Back when we were allowed out, Mrs JO'B and I saw Django Django at Printworks, a then new venue in Canada Water (an old print works - they went full on Ronseal when it came to naming the place). I think it was the first actual gig there and it was truly splendid. People danced from the moment they came on stage to the moment they left.

They were immediately elevated to our list of “bands we definitely go and see whenever they play London” list (Mrs JO'B was rather insistent, always a good sign), along with Gaz Coombes, Johnny Marr and a select group of fantastic live performers. So, hopes are high when the needle hits the record…

Opening track, and lead single, Spirals, sets a frenetic pace for this 4th album by these Londoners, all swirling keys and a driving beat that bodes well for what’s to come. Elsewhere, Headrush combines Hooky-esque baselines with its “the spirit is up, it’s a headrush” chorus, falsetto backing vocals chirping away. Toe-tapping-tastic.

As usual, the album swings between genres with wild abandon, Waking Up is gentle acoustic strummer for the summer, duetting with Charlotte Gainsbourg. Meanwhile, The World Will Turn allows their inner-Nick Drake free, that leads us into side 2, before their psych-prog indulgences return. A doorbell and West Country accent heralds Kick The Devil Out. I immediately think of Genesis’ I Know What I Like (In My Wardrobe), but nothing could be further from what follows - it’s an indie disco workout, soulful backing vocals and Gang of Four meets Chic guitars.

Hold Fast is my favourite, slinky baselines and a New Order-guitar sound that will be epic live. Asking For More closes the album with its vocoder mantra “we’ve gotta go, we’ve gotta go” ...

This is an album full of invention; joyous, dance-pop tunes, the occasional unexpected curve, wonky beats - we can’t wait to see them live and wave our glow sticks in the dark this autumn.


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