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Book of Brilliant Things - Five things we’ve loved this week - 29th August

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

1. RIP Charlie Watts

To be clear, it's no brilliant thing that he's passed away, but his career and the music he helped make are completely wonderful. I saw him once stood outside Exeter St David’s Station looking more elegant than I have words to describe. I didn't go and say hello, I am not sure he would have appreciated that. But I stood and looked at him for ages - perfectly straight trousers, crisp shirt, grey Mac - he looked immaculate. He always looked like a gentleman, the classy riposte to Jagger’s prancing posing and to Keef’s ramshackle pirate. Sleep well Mr C R Watts.

Ⓒ Jill Furminovsky

2. Ode to Joy (well, the Blackheath Tea Hut)

Where did you go late at night

When your head was spinning, seeing lights?

Where did you go when you were feeling down?

When you’d crashed and burnt in The Crown?

Where did you end up when you were half cut?

You went of course to the Blackheath Tea Hut

Drivers, Bikers, cabbies, truckers

Coppers, pensioners, ravers off their nutter

All in need of sustenance

It was of course common sense

To stagger across the Heath half pissed

It was the stop not to be missed

Tea, coffee, burgers, bites

The big ones, the regulars, the cold delights

All sides of life filled their face

Happiness restored there with grace

Then it was taken suddenly in a crash

Our favourite stop gone in a flash

It was quickly destroyed, years of work

Accidentally wrecked by a berk with the Merc

But like flares, hoodies and disco tracks,

The Blackheath Tea Hut is back, Back, BACK!

When out on the piss, when your stomach growls,

You can wander across to join the night owls

Have a restoring cuppa and get fed

Before you toddle home back to bed

So thank you God for saving the day

The Blackheath Tea Hut is here to stay

3. Jungle

Loving the new Jungle album, Loving In Stereo. Lead single, The Go! Team-styled Keep Moving, was a pretty clear announcement for the album - it's business as usual electronic soul, with big choruses and lots of fun.

4. The Delays

Again far from brilliant, but very sad to hear that Greg Gilbert from The Delays is now in a hospice - wishing him all the best and thanking him for some truly beautiful music, especially this gem, Nearer Than Heaven, which sounds like Cocteau Twins meets The La's.

5. The Boo Radleys live

We got tickets to see The Boo Radleys at The MOTH Club in October - very excited to see them again - gigs are back, baby!

See you next week, stay safe, x


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